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Alexandrina Iremciuc, founder of A & I International Consulting

I am Dr. Alexandrina Iremciuc, the founder of A & I International Consulting – Solutions and Services, and I am pleased to welcome you on my website!

If you are here, it is probably because you wonder who I am, what A & I International Consulting is about and how you can benefit from my services. To find out my story leading to the foundation of my consulting business and what it stands for, please follow me!

I will guide you all the way through the website and through the Solutions I offer to PhD Candidates and International Prospective PhD Candidates, as well as the research consulting Services I provide to different institutions. You are welcome to connect with me at every step of your journey, to discuss mentoring possibilities for you, or to make value of my research expertise for your organization.

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PhD Candidates Mentoring​

This programme aims to tackle the numerous and diverse difficulties that you could face throughout the entire exhilarating yet intimidating PhD studies process, and helps you navigate more confidently and independently along the way, whether you are a working professional, self-employed or a research assistant.

International Prospective PhD Candidates Mentoring​

Have you recently moved to Switzerland or do you live abroad and wish to start a PhD in Switzerland? If the answer is yes, this programme offers you the guidance you need through the selection and the decision-making process of your doctoral studies in a public or a private Swiss university.

Research Consulting

The research consulting services refer to the mandates I have been carrying out for different academic and European institutions, NGOs and international organizations. They put forward my research and thematic expertise, and the way you can benefit from it.

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