Mentoring for International Prospective PhD Candidates

Why doing a PhD in Geneva, Switzerland?

Research is an essential activity among public and private Universities and Higher Education institutions based in Geneva, to which International PhD Candidates from different nationalities greatly contribute, notably through publications that enjoy a high degree of international recognition in terms of impact.

With about 40 per cent of foreign population and 200 different nationalities, bilingualism and multiculturalism are at the core of daily life in Geneva. Just like the city itself, the public and private Universities and Higher Education institutions enjoy an international reputation, won in part due to their strong ties with the United Nations agencies and other organizations, but also to the significant number of international scholars and academic communities they gather.

The high quality and wide range of doctoral programmes and disciplines, allow International PhD Candidates to find a learning and research experience in a stimulating melting-pot environment, and the necessary added value to an individual profile to support career goals.

Getting you there!

Moving to a new country or studying abroad is an important decision to make no matter what the reason that triggers it: family or professional circumstances, personal choice. There are several major elements to consider before making sure to take the right and final decision which is undoubtedly yours.

However, you might at some point realize you need objective and professional guidance to bring clarity and reliability to the mass of information you can find on the Internet or the divergent opinions and advises of the people surrounding you. This is precisely the purpose of A & I International Consulting: supporting you to take the optimum decision for your PhD studies in Switzerland.

Relying on the Mentoring programme means relying on my:

My Approach

A & I International Consulting supports you to take the optimum decision for your PhD studies in Switzerland through:

Tailor-made guidance

identifying your individual needs, goals and wishes

Exploration and clarification

analysing your personal situation and the best options available to you

Action plan for decision-making

summarizing the key elements you need to take the right decision and offering specific help throughout the entire decision-making process

My offer

You are the master of your decisions. You deserve the best Solutions and Services to help you make the right decision.
You are only one step closer to it: A & I International Consulting.

To allow me to do a tailor-made proposal and quotation, I suggest you book a 30 minutes free Intro Session where we will discuss your situation and needs, and the Solutions and Services I can offer you. Please note the Intro Session does not commit you to pursue with a tailor-made guidance with A & I International Consulting.

To book the date and time of your choice, please use the calendar below.

Once you book your free Intro Session you will receive a confirmation with all the details about the unfolding of the session as well as the bank account on which you will be invited to make the deposit indicated above. Please note the deposit is to be made no later than 3 days before the scheduled Intro Session.

Please note that your personal details and all the information you will share with me at all times will be treated as strictly confidential.


They trust me

Any Questions ?

Please contact me, I will be happy to answer and suggest to you the most appropriate solution to your problems.