Mentoring for PhD Candidates

Being a PhD Candidate is both an exhilarating and intimidating stage, which goes with a series of new commitments, responsibilities and for some of you, professional adjustments, that can create a certain pressure. Some of you might find it hard to cope with the duality of being a well-grounded working professional and a PhD Candidate who needs to “fit in” dedicated research blocks into your agenda and moreover, prove yourself. Others, to make the transition from a student doing coursework to the lack of structure that comes with being a PhD Candidate. This is absolutely normal!

Being a PhD Candidate means going for the first time through the process of creating and performing a study on your own and having the opportunity to demonstrate you are ready to be an independent scholar. It also means having the chance to be unsuccessful or to fail, and know it is fine to get support. 

The Mentoring programme offered by A & I International Consulting aims to address these difficulties, throughout the entire PhD process. It is directed at providing you with the skills and resources you need to progress more confidently and independently through your PhD, to overcome its hurdles, to take the actions that move you forward, as well as with the direction and motivation you need to achieve your objectives, ultimately, your PhD degree, and more widely, becoming a scholar.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

My approach

My Mentoring programme approach is co-constructive based on a person-to-person involvement and follows a simple logic and path yet is not obvious to take alone. It covers several aspects including, but not limited to:


progress and support self-organization
(time and stress management, work efficiency and productivity goals, maintain motivation)


your PhD studies after a personal, family or professional break
(perfectionism and procrastination, imposter syndrome and self-doubt, work-PhD-life balance)

My offer

My offer of Mentoring is adaptable to your own individual needs that we will identify together through a 30 minutes free Intro Session. This Intro Session does not commit you to start a Mentoring programme with A & I International Consulting.

To book the date and time of your Intro Session, please use the calendar below.

Please note that your personal details and all the information you will share with me at all times will be treated as strictly confidential. 

Once you book your free Intro Session, you will receive a confirmation with all the details about the unfolding of the session as well as the bank account on which you will be invited to make the deposit indicated above.

Should you want to start a Mentoring & Coaching programme, please consider the following rates:

Programme of 5 sessions: 110.-CHF per one-hour session.
The sessions are to be paid in one deposit no later than one week before the beginning of the first session.

Programme of 10 sessions or more: 100.-CHF per one-hour session.
The sessions are to be paid in one deposit, or upon agreement, in maximum two separate deposits.

Any Questions ?

Please contact me, I will be happy to answer and suggest to you the most appropriate solution to your problems.